Canadian inheritance law

Wiens, Frank and Partner U.S. practice concentrates on providing its clients with professional representation in the areas of probate, inheritance, wills, trusts and estates, particularly those which have international exposure.


Where do we practice?

We have offices in Canada and in Opens internal link in current windowEurope  and our Opens internal link in current windowattorneys are licensed in numerous jurisdictions and countries. This comprehensive network has uniquely positioned Wiens, Frank and Partner to provide unsurpassed representation in inheritance and probate matters with international exposure.


What do we do?

We represent our clients in the following practice areas:


  • Estate Planning
  • Wills and Testaments
  • Estate Litigation
  • Trust Administration
  • Trust Litigation
  • Trust Contest
  • Undue Influence ClaimWill Contest
  • Last Will and Testament Disputes



How do we work?

Given the sensitive nature of inheritance and probate issues, Wiens, Frank and Parnter always encourages our clients to attempt to resolve their issues with their family members first. Should the issue be a will contest, trust or probate matter, these issues resolved outside of litigation require an experienced attorney who can structure the settlement taking into account tax ramifications and protection of the client’s rights. However, should a relative or beneficiary refuse to reasonably negotiate, Wiens, Frank and Partner are prepared to litigate so that our clients’ inheritance and/or rights are restored. 






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